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i received the cd ... and it is fantastic! anjas beautiful voice, the songs and arrangements, the sound/production: everything appears truly strong, tasteful and overall convincing. so whenever you make plans to come to austria, let me know and i will try to help with gig-ideas.
Ali Foeger
youth culture work Wienna, Austria


Anja Fønss      
Wait a minute

A Beautiful Debut

 “Wait a minute” stands out as a very solid work and a surprising, strong debut from a singer, who impresses
with her wide reserve of strength and demand to be ´her own`. The voice is mature and full, but at the same time delectable and fragile – whenever the melody and lyrics demands it. In other words a very independent and personal voice, whose beautiful debut should open the ears of many. (5 star rated Danish newspaper review)

“Wait A Minute” is a quiet and beautiful Rock-Pop-Country-ballade, which is good in its own right. But her voice lifts the album a couple of ratings!” (review on

“Yeah – you really got it baby” (spontaneously spoken words from Blues legend R.L. Burnside)

“I just have to write and tell you, that your CD is soon worn out. We listen to it all the time. My favorite numbers are 1, 3, 8 and 11. They make me smile, give me goose bumps, cry… well – go through the whole emotional register. The others numbers ´just` make me swim away, and even though I normally avoid jazz, with this album I have to give in. I hope you get success – the album is exquisite, and I just say: Nora Jones go home!”
(Bente Steffensen, Roots – Consolt)

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